EveryDay Miracles 

If you're religious,   

                 you'll HATE this book!
Because GOD shows up  all by Himself and not because I follow rules right or use the right words.  God's not about rules,
God is love.

He gives me signs that make me wonder . . .  . . and so will you. 
God shows up in miracles because He loves me passionately, not because I've always loved Him.
What God does is outrageously good and if you're wondering
'What's so good about God?'  Read!  
                         ~ Love, Lydia

"and I will take for Myself faithful witnesses to record ..."

Isaiah 8:2

Ama Ackon June 21 2:25am 2010 Ghana, Africa 

Hi! You don't know me but I've read your stories on your page and pretty much think I know you. Actually it's been a great source of inspiration to me in some really difficult times.     
God bless you, Ama 

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The Great 
Father Daughter


"I’ll show up and take care of you just as I promised and I will bring you back Home. I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the great future you hope for."  Jeremiah 29:11 



Do NOT read here looking for magic prayers and saints.  Not here, not at all.  You'll see God showing up and doing crazy wild things no one expected.

f the word "God" makes you cringe and you hate people talking about Him, so did I.

But God just kept showing up and showing up until I saw Him.  I fell in love with Him and so will you.

If you're not looking for God and highly doubt He's looking for you, He is,

and He's smiling. 

My neighbor "  . . . sentenced to 99 years in prison in 2005 for injecting Margaret Bradley with an overdose of insulin. 'She had no mercy, she's one of the worst.' "
"They've tracked a drug-trafficking conspiracy that stretched from Canada to the East Coast to Oregon
"You guys all think we’re in terror."

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Matthew was on the bedroom floor,

a spoon with something burnt in it, some matches, the needle still in his arm. 
The policeman stayed awhile and called the coroner  . .    never again say tomorrow . . .                                         READ NOW

Darrell opened Enfield's door then slammed it shut “He’s dead, shut it up. No use going in. Call the police and let them clean it up. That’s what they get paid for".. . . I remember the stench, that ominous dark oval surrounding the body and how much I wanted to scream and run.


He’s alive,” the medic screamed, his face was frozen but the rest of him was moving incredibly fast . . .             READ                        READ NOW

"My son's going on trial for murder
in  LA next week, will you go with me?"

After three long days in court it was finally time to sleep in ~ until 4:31AM and suddenly we were flying up in the air.

A THOUSAND MAY FALL AT YOUR SIDE   We hit the floor hard and then TEN THOUSAND AT YOUR RIGHT HAND everything contorted NO HARM WILL BEFALL YOU as the earth screamed, the Northridge earthquake. . .


If I tried to make this stuff up, I couldn't.  “Sis, quick, get under the table! NOW.”     READ NOW

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LOVE'S STORIES  “Father, we need a miracle.   Please make a way to take Thanksgiving dinner to the guys at  El Cap. "And pizza! I want pizza, too. Amen,"  Chloe.

As Susan wrote out her check for $134.00 (that's a lotta turkey) she rushed on "Hey, I'm starved!   Let's go out for pizza, my treat."  Chloe grabbed Susan’s hand and headed out the door. 

She knew Him!

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