If you've landed on this page, I might be editing the story you're looking for, or maybe you're wondering how to bring heaven here now.


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                            'THE PRIEST                             AND                     THE LEAST'  
                                                                                writing now

How far should you go?  Wherever He Goes and that's further than you think. 


The more I look at what He's done, the more I know that anything's possible and I see what He's doing:  He's raiding hell.  He's going after His own, especially those captives of darkness. As you watch Him, the places you don't choose to go you find yourself going, into the fire maybe, but coming out with new brothers and sisters.

Purpose says 'go to the unbelievers'  Passion says 'Hurry!'  Love says ''Amen'.  It doesn't take a lot from you ~  it takes Jesus through you.  What you can do in one week is phenomenal.   

CHECK IT OUT:  I created an alias and an avatar and
in one week: I had 128 new friends around the world, many posting terrorist slogans and bloody photos.    In contrast,

The first person to discover EverydayMiracles.me was a girl in Ghana, Africa, who  wrote that EveryDayMiracles was "inspiration to me in some really difficult times."  
Search engines couldn't find this site but a young girl in Africa did - that's Jesus.  I was thrilled but I didn't get it:  it was a sign, a directional sign>>> this way to the world.
We can be everywhere from where we are and we can change the atmosphere.  Not so much by talking to believers but by finding and friending unbelievers where they are in their language.   

Spreading The Gospel by Stealth
            raiding Hell       Secret Ops Force 
If you want to raid hell for heaven's sake, email me:
True Story: 
Woke up at 4am saying "Father, I really wanted to sleep" but I was already singing and happy, unusually so.  My first twinge was to reach for the Bible and start my day 'properly'.  But I grabbed the remote and found Us watching a chic flic together and loving it (Princess Diaries II).  It's absolutely OK to love life and do ordinary things Together because nothing pleases my Daddy more than me enjoying hanging out with Him.

About 5:45 it was like a fire alarm went off:  "GO UP TO THE VIEWPOINT AND WE'LL WATCH THE SUNRISE!" 

What a great idea, I'll make some hot chocolate and . . .


Really?  So much for cuddle time, guess We're done with that!


I grabbed my Dad's flannel shirt and shoved my feet into shoes without sox and ran.

Cresting the corner of the viewpoint, the headlights caught two of the biggest jackrabbits with huge! ears off guard before they sprang away.  So I slowed down and saw something even bigger up ahead.  What in the world is that?  Really big, no antlers. I turned off my headlights as I pulled in to wait for the Light and got out to see what that big animal was.

It was a man.  He circled around behind me from a distance and The Lord said "DON'T TURN ARO

The Appointment with the tall man hidden under a black hoodie lasted an hour.  His accent was French, his name was Arabic, his mannerisms were Persian, he understood Hebrew and we conversed in english and in The Spirit.    "I don't know what God just said to you, but you do don't you, in your spirit?"                                    

In his twenties, he's flirted with Anton LaVey's Black Bible, loved pharmaceuticals, knew that the demonic powers he played with were 'only fallen angels' and welcomed me rebuking them in the Name of Jesus.  He wasn't Persian or Arab, he didn't really speak French, he was a confused young man in a very small country town who wanted to be someone.  He wanted an identity and a purpose and he had discovered neither yet.  

We were stunned by God sh
owing up speaking His lovesong over him, he was a son of The Most High and his Father was calling him into an intimate friendship and a significant future.

This is how God raids hell.  This is how Love raids hell.

Maybe you can't see yourself getting up before daybreak or standing still in pitch black darkness while a stranger checks you out - no problem.  There's a really easy way for you to raid hell and I'd love to talk to you, actually, talk you into it:  Join me.  Do it now.